Acupuncture is a TCM technique that stimulates the qi and enhances metabolism, strengthens one’s immunity, and unblocks the meridian system by inserting hair-thin needles into acupoints points on the body. World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged that acupuncture is clinically proven to be effective on more than 60 illnesses such as such as pain syndromes, stroke, hypertension and rheumatic diseases.

The treatment can be used to relieve pain and treat diseases such as allergies, asthma, sinusitis, painful joints, nerves or muscles, headaches and migraines, hypertension, infertility, smoking addiction or weight loss problem, stress, insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, constipation, and menstrual conditions.

At Young TCM Spa, we use only sterile and disposable acupuncture needles. You may experience minor discomfort upon insertion of the needles and as the needle reaches acupoint, you may notice needling sensations such as tingling and tenderness. This sensation may last for a few days but there will not be any side effects.